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In the Spirit with Miriam Hellman

A free video teaching series comprising healing
and health, faith, prophecy, prosperity and prayer. 

To watch Miriam’s introduction, click the image below.

Miriam begins with a series on Healing and Health about our responsibility in receiving the promises of God. Please click here for our YouTube channel's complete series, or watch individual videos at the links below.

    Agree With God’s Thoughts – Healing #1

    Access the Door to the Spirit – Healing #2

    Working With the Faith Substance - Healing #3

    Dealing With Rejection and A Wounded Heart – Healing #4

    Whose Report Do You Believe? – Healing #5

    Meditation Facilitates Manifestation – Healing #6

    Turn Your Healing Over to the Mercy of God – Healing #7

    A New Heart Towards God – Healing #8

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